Road Transportation with Theme

International Road Transportation Services with Tema

As Tema Transportation, we offer a high quality and advanced service opportunity in the international arena in road transportation, where most of the logistics activities are carried out today. In this context, we produce customized solutions for you and your project by adhering to different loads, different routes and different countries with our operational services we carry out with alternative transportation options. We provide complete and partial transportation services to different countries with international road transportation.

International Road Transportation Services

We offer many different solutions in the operational services we provide. We offer complete transportation, temperature-controlled transportation, partial transportation, transit loads, dangerous goods transportation and multimodal transportation services with our very different transportation services. Many customers are very sensitive about load tracking and want to be constantly informed about perishable goods.

In this regard, we are able to provide instant tracking and information to our customers in our transportation processes with our vehicles equipped with GPS systems. In cold chain transportation, we deliver frozen foods or pharmaceutical products to the destination safely and quickly by keeping them under very careful and temperature control with our refrigerated vehicles.

Safe Transportation in Road Transport; Experience the Difference of Tema Transportation.

In general terms, depending on the criteria of the cargo to be transported in global road transportation services, loading planning is made and transportation is ensured in an undamaged and flawless manner on the destination route. In this regard, documents are provided in accordance with international and EU procedures and the transportation processes are passed after the necessary controls are made.

As Tema Logistics, the most accurate and most appropriate transportation operations are carried out with our expert and experienced logistics personnel. Road transportation, which is the most intensively used especially in our country's trade, is preferred for the shipment of costly and bulky loads in a very fast and safe way. Compared to other modes of transportation, the transit time is much shorter than by sea and rail, but the cost is higher.

When the export shipments carried out in our country's foreign trade are carried out in the form of road transportation, they are both more reliable and faster.

As Tema Logistics, we transport both complete and partial loads of our exporters and importers operating on the Turkey-Europe line by road. We use the speed advantage of road transportation in the most effective way for our customers to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.


Partial Transportation Services with Tema

As Tema Transportation, we offer special solutions for your partial loads to all of Europe and all countries in our service area, and we add a cost advantage to the transit time advantage. Thanks to the strong infrastructure we have in Turkey and Europe, we effectively deliver your partial loads to the point you want. As Tema Transportation, we carry out transportation activities to many countries such as Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Iran, Iraq with our superior quality service understanding.

Our partial exits are at least 1 exit per week. We provide complete partial transportation services together with our large fleet of goods. You can contact us here for more information.

Complete Transportation Services with Tema

As Tema Transportation, we load all your products to be transported at the time you want and carry out logistics planning, we choose the most suitable route for you and bring them directly and quickly to the destination route. We complete your logistics operation with a single vehicle and deliver your cargo safely to the destination route without being exposed to any external influences.

Efficiency increases considerably in complete transportation carried out in a certain order and with continuity. For this reason, we partner our customers in their business processes and ensure that they receive regular and cost-effective services.

Express Transportation

We offer express transportation services, one of the most effective ways to reduce transit times in road transportation, to our customers with our load-specific solutions.

Ultra Express Delivery Option with Theme

With our Tema UltraEkspress delivery option, we take express transportation with two drivers one step further. If requested by our customers, we increase the number of drivers to 3 in order to minimize the transit time. Thus, we offer a great advantage in speed by enabling the vehicle to continue on its way without stopping along the route.